VITA / Tax Prep Program

Online Intake

Great, you're ready to get started filing your taxes with our online intake process.

You will need the following files readily available:

  • Digitized/Scanned copies of social security card or ITIN letters for all persons on your tax return.
  • Digitized/Scanned copy of your photo ID (such as valid driver's license) for you and your spouse.
  • Digitized/Scanned copies of tax documents such as Forms W-2, 1099, 1098, 1095.
  • Valid, working email address.
  • Valid, working mobile phone number.

Note: The only types of attachments/uploads that we accept are image files (e.g. - .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png), Word files (e.g. - .doc, .docx), PDF files, Text files (e.g. - .txt), or Excel files (e.g. - .xls, .xlsx). No other file formats are accepted. In addition, each file can be no larger than 16 MB (16 Megabytes) in file size.

VITA Location

Let's begin! First, we'll need to know where you got your taxes done last year.

Please choose from the list below which of our locations you got your taxes done last year. If this is your first time working with us, or you don't remember, that's ok, there's an option near the bottom of the list for you to choose.
Choosing a VITA location is required.